Automated data collection, decisions & reports

From simple applications for consumers to powerful solutions for modern industry, Digital Environment's technology streamlines the management of environments, assets, and liabilities.

  • Flexible Data Collection

    Collect sensors data, images, audio, video, notes, customized forms, GPS, device operating conditions... all available through the Solutions Dashboard.

  • Automation

    Streamlined work flow, reporting and solutions for any size organization.

  • Deploy your expertise

    ...not your people. Mobile and cloud-based products support delivery of solutions to your remote clients, allowing them to utilize their internal staff.

  • Manage remote resources and assets

    Easily monitor your project, facility, staff from anywhere in the world.

  • Cloud Enable your Products

    From rapid IoT deployment to enhancing your existing instruments and software, our Platform Services increase your product value and reduce total cost of ownership. See the Develop page for more details.

  • Collect data from your IoT and mobile device and push to the cloud.
  • Automate work, reports and decisions from collected data.
  • Powered by best of breed big data and analytic technology.