Mobile Collector

Eliminate errors and costly delays in your field operations.

Powerful data collection in the palm of your hand

Mobile collector provides a flexible interface for staff on the move. A wide variety of sensors and instruments can be integrated with your smart phone. These data sources are streamed to the Digital Environment cloud and available for immediate insight.

Mobile flexibility improves the efficiency of your teams and greatly reduces the time needed to determine work flow actions. Giving teams the ability to roam while they work produces rich mapping of conditions.

Combine sensor integration with built in smart phone features such as GPS, photos and video for a 360 degree assessment of field conditions. Custom forms accessible in the mobile app allow users to digitize information and share it immediately with engineers and operational management.

Mobile Collector icon

Mobile collector utilizes projects and work structures to guide staff and control work progress. Sensors and other data sources are assigned to each project to ensure the teams collect the right information at the right time.

  • Access multiple projects and work structures. Add jobs to your projects on the fly.
  • Automated work flow tracks which jobs have been started by field staff.
  • Individual jobs can be accessed by multiple workers for a tag team solution to big jobs.
  • Integrate a growing list of supported sensors with build in smart phone capabilities: GPS, User notes, Photos, Audio, Video
  • Adopt sensors via data cable, Bluetooth, WiFi, or web servers.