Pocket Geiger

Radiation measurement system in the palm of your hand.

Mobile Radiation + Cloud Management

The Pocket Geiger sensor allows our customers to measure radiation levels at their homes, businesses, client facilities and public locations. The sensor is small and light weight and provides information about ambient radiation exposure levels.

Our SmartENV for Pocket Geiger application gives customers the ability to understand, monitor, and share radiation exposure information. Users can record unique radiation surveys across any property, location, equipment, or waste that they choose. The surveys are stored in our cloud platform and available any where for analysis, reporting, or download. Users can collect radiation data, as well as GPS, photos, and notes for each survey. Customers can view and download all of their the data from our Solutions Dashboard web application.

A picture of a pocket geiger unit

Applications include:

  • Personal dosimetery
  • X-Ray equipment leakage testing
  • Contamination surveys
  • Waste characterization
  • Waste shipping
  • Educational studies
  • Radiation R&D