Real time, evidence-based decision making for a wide range of operational problems. Improve your awareness. Improve your responsiveness. Take action.

Digital problem solving

Build an end-to-end process for a variety of assessment and monitoring goals. We can adopt a variety of user inputs, sensors, and instruments and then automate your decision-making process.

Build a solution using a wide range of administratively-controlled inputs:

  • Media: Images, Audio, Video, PDF
  • User input: custom forms, user tags, sample collection, notes
  • Measurement data streams: Air, water, soil, moisture, ionizing radiation, light, location, device and machine conditions, etc.

Implement solutions with a flexible portal

Work flow management and monitoring, automated reporting, data visualization, data analysis and alarming, push data to 3rd party servers or analysis software including Tableau, ESRI, and others.


  • Water treatment
  • OSHA hazardous workers
  • Radiation detection and monitoring
  • Waste evaluation and waste acceptance criteria
  • Asset management and evaluation
  • Outpatient monitoring